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Stromboli Fire Trekking | Via Roma snc (Zona Porto) Stromboli |Tel. +39 090986264  Mobile +393664280256

Stromboli Fire Trekking | Via Roma snc (Zona Porto) Stromboli |Tel. +39 090986264 Mobile +393664280256

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GEOLOGICAL MAP OF STROMBOLI - SCIARA DEL FUOCO - Starting from 400 A. C. the Pizzo sopra la fossa began to form: the ridge from which all hikers observe the Strombolian activity. During what is called Eruptive Age 6a by the experts, those volcanic forms of the island were consolidated which, in principle, we see today. In 360 A.C. There was the formation of the area of San Bartolo and of the area called the Chiappe Lisce. Later, in about 355 A. C. there was the formation of Bastimento, which gives the name of the subsystem indicated by the volcanologists. After this period, the formations that shaped the island crossed that period known as the Roccette, during which the formation of the Sciara del Fuoco, of the same Roccette and the so-called Fossetta occurred (1350 D. C.).

GEOLOGICAL MAP OF STROMBOLI - In the period concerning the fifth eruptive period, during the period framed with the name of Punta dei Corvi, in the Eruptive Age 5b-c, about 8,000 years ago the formation was recorded in the Cannestrà; then Labronzo (7.5 thousand years ago); Piscità; the Vallonazzo (6,500 years ago); the Fire Tympanum (6.8 thousand years ago); the formation of Vigna Vecchia (7.1 thousand years ago). Subsequently, in what is called the Neostrombolian epoch, there was the formation of the Secche di Lazzaro (5222 A. C.), Serro Adorno (4000 A. C.), Semaphore Labronzo (4000 A. C.).

A group of hikers in front of our agency. The group leader explains the climb to the Stromboli volcano before receiving the equipment needed to climb the mountain.

From the rose garden on the slopes of Stromboli, we see the ancient volcano that gave rise to the entire island 250 thousand years ago: Strombolicchio!

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